Place Of Intimidating Teenagers
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- P.O.I.T or Place Of Intimidating Teenagers is a place for anybody to come and hang out.

- If you clicked a link which led you here, but you don't like it - you'll find you can escape by clicking the "back" button at the top of the screen.

- If you would like to register, you will find a "register" button near the top of the page. Follow the instructions, and you will find yourself a member in no time!

- If you ARE a member, but you've forgotten your username or password, check in your emails, and if it's not THREE, try clicking the "forgot my password" button (in this case, you will need your username), and see where it takes you. If worst comes to worst, you may re-register, and I can get rid of your other account - but we only really want ONE account per person.

- If you were wondering if it costed to join, or to be a member, the answer is NO. It does not cost you to join or be a member. It's free.

- If you know you can only come here once every couple of months, and were wondering if you should join anyway, the answer is yes. Even if you CAN only make it every few months, join, because you are still contributing to the site. You don't have to be a daily poster to be classed as a member!

- If you were looking for a Position of Power, look in the Position of Power section. I haven't put it up there, but keep looking and it'll appear, soon...

- If you have joined, but can't log in, go to your emails, and see if there's an "activation link" which could help you out.

- If you are concerned that your email address may be shown, never fear! There is a way to stop it from being shown in your "preferences." If I've done everything right (real assuring, I know...) it should automatically "not show" it, anyway!

- Anything you need help with, PM/Email me, and we'll sort it out.

- I'll try to update this every now and then to try to help out any confused people.
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