Place Of Intimidating Teenagers
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PostSubject: Rosie   Rosie EmptyWed May 27, 2009 1:36 am

Rosie is the counciller.
She MUST remain anonymous. Also, she does not HAVE to be a girl.
The application must be sent to me through PM, or people will know her identity.

To apply for this position: The applicant must be able to give advice, and be gentle with those who ask for the advice. No telling them they should just die or something stupid.

Please complete the following form (please do it formally), and PM it to me:

Position applying for:
Why I would like this position:
What makes me different from every other person is:
What are some things you could contribute to this website:
What are you good at doing, computer-wise:
What might you need help with:
The reason I should choose you over everyone else:
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